Introducing the economic agreement to the President

Talking about past success stories is not helpful, we need ambitious goals and new success stories, and the courage to let go of the past to make room for the new.

Therefore, in early April, the Executive Committee of the Confederation of Finnish Employers, consisting of Kai Realo, Ivo Suursoo, Ain Hanschmidt, Olavi Lepp and Arto Aas, CEO of the Confederation of Finnish Employers, met with the President of the Confederation of Finnish Employers to plan and discuss the economy and competitiveness, and to present the economic pledge and the "Ambition is a Choice" appeal.

"Exchanges with business have shown that we have become comfortable in some places and are no longer as hungry for growth as before. We have less ambition and confidence than our neighbours. This has to change."

President Alar Karis 

The prolonged recession has prompted entrepreneurs to ask how to move forward, leading to the economic pact "Ambition is Choice", which calls on politicians and entrepreneurs to focus on economic development to kick-start competitiveness growth. This requires ambitious decisions from both entrepreneurs and policy-makers shaping the economic space.

 If the economy grows and develops, the Estonian state will also have money to invest in security, education, health care, etc., because most of the tax revenues are related to labour and consumption taxes. The source of the country's vitality is a competitive business environment and companies, and therefore ensuring the development of the Estonian economy is a social contract.

Thank you to the President for his welcome and for your contribution!